Water Gardens

Create a Water Garden

Whether it’s a small, quiet reflecting pool or an elaborate waterscape complete with bubbling fountain, a well designed pond provides enjoyment for the entire family.


You can choose from several options to illuminate your pond.  Underwater lights are a popular choice.  You can also use spotlights to illuminate surrounding trees and shrubs.  Placing lights at the pond edge to illuminate waterfalls or fountains creates even more of a dramatic effect.


Still water in a garden pool is beautiful, but moving water adds excitement and keeps the mosquitos at bay.  Pumps make the water recirculate.   You can choose from a variety of pumps made specifically for water gardens. These pumps sustain continuous, round-the-clock movement.  The pumps we carry come in sizes from 1500 gph up to 10,000 gph.

Plants and Fish

Plants and fish keep the pond water balanced and add life and color.   A variety of plants and fish will make your water garden a lovely spot.  To add some variety to your pond, try plants such as floating water lettuce and water hyacinth which not only cover the pond surface, but keep pond water cooler and help limit algae growth.  Water lilies are the most popular variety of floating plants; lotus plants are also very popular, producing large fragrant flowers that can perfume an entire corner of the garden.

No water garden is complete without a few fish.  Popular types include goldfish and koi.